Sunday, January 20, 2013

January: Mid-month Update

My first goal for the New Year in general and January in specific was to pass the ICP by the 15th.  With that behind me, the other major goal for January was to try and get a sense of what kind of training schedule I can count on reliably.

This is all the more important now with the Friday evening, over-40, "Masters Class" I'll be teaching every other week or so.

One tricky thing will be to keep my week from starting out strong and then fading.  Prof Rodrigo used to talk about a MTWF schedule being optimal for training.  But because I can't count on getting to train on Fridays (there could easily be a scenario like last Friday when I taught the morning class and didn't teach or train for the Masters class), the danger is that I would go four days without putting in some serious matwork (Thursday through Sunday).

Swapping out the Wednesday for Thursday helps - and I think training Thursday night and training/teaching Friday morning will be good over the long-term.  But it still presents the possibility of going three days in a row without rigorous training.

This means that I'm going to have to make Thursday a real blow out session - making sure I spar at least three times and probably some HICT training afterward.  This way I don't have to rely on Fridays being a strong session from a training perspective.  I can probably get to the academy every other Saturday, which will also help a lot.

Another possibility is sneaking in for a nooner on Friday, i.e., just the Live Training session, to make up for whatever I don't/can't get Thursday or Saturday.  Not something I can count on every week, but something that might be available more often than I think.