Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Forward: 2013

Heading into the new year, the biggest challenge will be adjusting to a lighter training frequency.

If there are any advantages to being unemployed (and there are a few), then one of them is the ability to amp up the training frequency to new PRs (personal records).  I set new monthly training records last year in July, August, September, and October; it is no coincidence that those were the final four-months of my six-month sojourn as a member of capitalism's Reserve Army.

Lighter frequency will also be the order of the day for side control.  Ideally, I'll be making few, more worth-reading posts, mini-essays and observations on a week's worth of training and teaching jiu-jitsu.  I think that will be easier for me to commit to and, in the end, more valuable for those who stop by.

Right now, I'm thinking mostly weekend posts, Saturday early evening after the last training of the week is done.  Stay tuned.

My immediate goal is to finish up the ICP4 certification process, which has been extended to January 15.  I've already completed a number of the modules, and have plenty of time to finish them off before the deadline.  I'm still divided on whether or not to go through the hassle of trying to get a class videoed.  Writing an essay would be an easier route, for sure.