Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Finding the Art in Martial Arts

Socrates, via Plato, is alleged to have asserted that the only true antidote to misanthropy was art.  As someone who often suffers from the former, I'm looking forward to testing the potency of the latter - in martial terms - as cure.

A good day on the mat.  Getting quality training time is a bit of a hustle these days.  But I'm hoping that will be less the case as I get more and more used to the flexibilities of my current Brotberuf.  It's always nice to get to work with white belts and blue belts, and the opportunity to lead the class in an instruction (tripod sweep) was much appreciated.

Struggling to make the ICP deadline next week.  I've still got a few courses to take, and I'll probably work on the essay over the weekend.  I will write the required technique essay.  But recent events have encouraged me to send an additional essay, one that touches on many of the themes that the much-maligned Gracie Barra curriculum and philosophy emphasize and, perhaps, too many in our jiu-jitsu family forget.