Thursday, January 31, 2013

Deez Ribs

Nursing this rib injury ... On Prof Rodrigo's advice I came in to the academy to workout a little on my own tonight to see if I would be good to go for tomorrow's double (teaching the Dawn Patrol class at 6:30 am and the Masters/Over 40 class at 6:00 pm).  And while I don't have full mobility side-to-side, and can't take any pressure of any significance on my left side, I am good to go.

I think the timing will actually work out alright.  I'm headed for London in a week and won't be back until the middle of February.  That should be plenty of time to heal up and be ready to wade back into the water when I return.  Between now and departure time, I'm going to be pounding the Cissus - and I'm still convinced that the supplement played a major role in helping me recover from a far more significant shoulder injury back in the spring of 2008.

Some general conditioning work tonight, picking up the pace after about an hour to sync with the timing of the specific session being taught on the main mat.  Some double legs, some seoinages, some running and side shuffling, and a lot of technical lifts and hipscapes.  Nowhere near 100%, of course, but on the bright side of 50% for sure.

Looking to work on self-defense for both the early birds and the night owls.  I'm absolute on that.  We'll work the guillotine counter from the curriculum and probably the hip throw haymaker counter.  Then to the mat for the armbar from mount, north-south armbar from side control, and kimura option from the north-south armbar from side control.