Friday, November 2, 2012

Season of the Armbar

The dark art of joint locks came home to roost a bit to finish the training week.  I'd promised myself that I'd develop a "go to" submission from the closed guard this year and, after a few months of work, it looks like that submission has arrived.

I'm hoping everything is OK.  And I'll admit that the latest armlock has me realizing that now's the time to ease back and start to focus on the little details that are allowing the submission to work.  I've been thinking about some sweep and take the back options, as well.  But more centrally, I need greater and greater control of the position with more and more efficiency and ease.

Wednesday noon training and twice on Friday for a short, 3x/week.  I'm not entirely sure how my schedule is going to change once I start Clark Kent-ing for Finovate later this month.  But the odds of me making it to the noon class three times a week every week are probably not great.  

As long as I'm able to get in at least one Fundamentals class and one Advanced/Black Belt class ahead of Friday's pre-dawn session, I think I'll be okay.  I'm not sure how nimble I'm going to have to be to make everything work.  But I have to admit that the past 4-5 months have been an atypically opportune time for training, and even if I have to kick back to a 3x/week schedule, it will be far from the end of the world.