Sunday, September 23, 2012

Micro. Transitional. Drilling.

Lloyd Irvin has been talking about this for sometime.  And while I had an idea of where he was coming from, it is great to hear him talk a bit more about the concept and to show it in this video.

Lloyd Irvin Explains His Micro Transitional Drilling System

It's fascinating how few people, even now, understand what LI is bringing to jiu-jitsu.  From quantifying the top performing submissions to bringing standard and widely-used professional sports training and psychological approaches to an art that is still very much in its "emergent" stage, LI is a valuable a figure in contemporary jiu-jitsu as there is.  And I'm not just saying that because my kimura/americana submission rate has skyrocketed over the past month by incorporating some of the most fundamental concepts of his kimura mouse trap system.

I've been trying to refine a couple of key areas of my game, including taking the back.  The micro transition LI shows here for dealing with an opponent turning into you was as valuable as anything I've read in any of the 10+ BJJ books on my shelf or the 20+ BJJ DVDs on the wall.