Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Interview with Rener Gracie

Doing a lot of writing for the Hustle and plenty of training to boot.  July was the biggest training month ever for me, hitting the mat 19 times that month.  Then, in August, I reached another record training month, getting to the Academy to do work 21 times.

I'm paying for that activity a little bit.  But looking to remain on track here in September.  The fall months are often tricky months to get your training in.  Almost always there is a cold in September or October that knocks a week (or more) off your training pace.  I don't expect this season to be any different.  But forewarned is, to some small degree at least, forearmed.

A lot to catch up on, especially my first stint as a real jiu-jitsu professor last Friday.  For now, here's an interview with Rener Gracie from the good folks over at Bloody Elbow.
In a landscape where Brazilian jiu jitsu is a key element of MMA, tons of gyms have opened up across the world. One name stands at the forefront as the most globally recognized system. Gracie. The Gracies are credited with having brought that mass recognition to the general public, and are basically what some consider to be BJJ royalty. They're like the Kennedys of combat sports. 
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