Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Training Year 2012: The Numbers

Here are some of the numbers for the training year just ended.

Trained a total of 161 times.  This includes classes, Live Training only, open mats, tournaments, seminars ... anytime I put on the gi, trained with more than one partner, and broke a sweat.

Had my best July in years this time around, training 19 times for the month.  The previous July high was 18 times.

At 161 sessions a year, I'm training about 13.4 times a month, and averaging about 3.35 times a week.  For Training Year 2013, I'd like to get the monthly number up to 15.

I had my best quarter of all time this training year: the February, March, April stretch when I trained 49 times for an average of 3.83 a week.

I trained 12 times or more a month nine times, and 15 times or more a month six times.  Another goal for the coming training year is to train 12 times or more a month every month, and 15 times or more a month at least nine times.

I'll spend more time on the substance behind the numbers later this week.  For now, I want to recognize the moment, for the positive, and acknowledge that uneven training (single digit training months in December and May) make these high attendance marks harder to reach.  161 falls just one short of my biggest training year ever (TY 2010).  More consistent training next year should make it that much easier to take that TY 2010 number out.