Thursday, July 12, 2012

Training Days: Tuesday and Wednesday

It was maybe a year ago back when I was competing that I first heard Prof Rodrigo's formula for pre-competition training: Train Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.  Rest Thursday.  Train Friday and Saturday.

I'm guessing that rest on Sunday was somewhat obvious.  As I get nearer to a point where significant off-mat conditioning seems to hurt more than help, this is the kind of schedule I'm trying to establish going into the 2012-2013 training year.  Saturday training will be on a "do when can"  basis, hopefully at least every other week on average.  And if I end up working a 9-5 something this fall, my Friday afternoon training date might get curtailed.  But for now, the six weeks between now and Labor Day Weekend, this is the plan.

Got in some good training Tuesday and Wednesday.  Tuesday evening, professor Rodrigo had us working a guard pass sequence and agility drill, moving laterally in a Feitosa-like combination of the single scoop and the stuff.  The emphasis was on the footwork, making sure that both knees are never on the ground as we switched back and forth with the three different options (scoop, backstep, re-scoop).

Wednesday afternoon was all guillotine training.  Not easy on the neck, but a must-do if you're going to have this essential submission down pat.  Prof Carlos had us drilling this as part of a counter to the double leg, with an emphasis on "rocking the baby", putting the choking elbow on the mat and lifting the off-elbow high.  We also worked a switch-like counter to the guillotine that emphasized a complete 180 degree turn to ensure freeing yourself from the choke.

Training has been good this week, training with Prof Rodrigo during Tuesday's session and Prof Carlos during Wednesday's.  In that regard, things pretty much feel as they last did - though it seems like it has been awhile since I'd trained with either.  Both continue to be different versions of overwhelming, the Time Machine and the Tornado, and while it is difficult to "learn" en media res, so to speak, there is always something "ambition-stoking" about the experience.

Nice weights after training.  158.0 on Tuesday.  157.0 on Wednesday.  I'm looking to celebrate Friday the 13th by training three times in 12 hours: Coach Zee's 6:30 am class, Professor Carlos' 11:45 am class, and Coach Garcia's 6:00 pm class.  Once in a lifetime, baby.  Water flowing underground.