Monday, July 30, 2012

Training Day: Monday

Back on the mat to start the week.  Continued to work on the collar drag takedown, and the collar drag takedown to knee on belly.  Professor Carlos also had us drilling the armbar from the mount, focusing on a couple of key details about how to isolate the shoulder, surround the upperbody with your legs, and grab the opponent's near leg as you drop back into the armlock to prevent his escape.  Good details, and something to work on as I try to bring my armbar up to speed.

Felt a little raggedly in today's training, though it's usually worse during drills than sparring where I can control the pace a bit.  May be a little hangover from last week's 6-session pace.  We'll see this week as I ease back on the throttle a little bit, taking Saturday's training off.

159.9 on the scale post-train.  Very, very good for a Monday.