Saturday, June 9, 2012

Training Day: Saturday

157.4 on the scale post train.

A great day on the mat on Saturday.  I got to work with John, who I haven't trained with since he got his brown belt the day I got my black belt.  We reviewed the techniques of the week, taking the back after sprawling against the double leg, and adding both a bow and arrow choke and a knee-in choke for the finish.  Professor Carlos added that nice detail of hipscaping back and allowing the guy to fall into your lap, rather than trying to roll the guy over and into you.  It's another great example of the physics of jiu-jitsu at work.

A lot of training today.  Guard specific, shark tank training (six minutes each in the middle), then a couple of sparring sessions with blue belts David and Ron.  I was able to attack much, much more with the Effing Pass and, quite frankly, am getting close to the point where I need to start thinking about working both sides a little.  I'm still reverting to the Flat Pass against tight closed guards (twice today), adding in the handcuff behind the back if I can get it.  It's a little bread and butter.  But if nothing else is working, then I go to it.

I still haven't done much so far with the deep half.  I don't want to play deep half against guys that are smaller than me.  But I've got to remember to switch to the deep half anytime I've got a "body" to climb around.    I'm liking my Faria move from deep half - the one I drilled with Mark a little bit on Friday - and am anxious to see it at work in real-time.

Had a very nice conversation with Zee after training.  He's been running a new 6:30 am class on Friday, and invited me to stop by.  I'm going to take him up on it next week.  The class has been growing and there is talk about expanding it to other mornings.  This might be the best news I've gotten in a month.