Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Training Day: Wednesday

A very good and varied session today.  We worked the escape from rear bear hug to start things off, focusing on the "switch" style reversal where you turn in and grab the near leg.  A good reminder, among other things, of the switch from other positions and sets, especially the "King Crimson" set of kimura  / omoplata / guillotine / crossover sweep.

Also picked up a nice variation on the rear naked choke - a pair of variations, really: a one-collar choke from Brian and a lever-choke from Professor Carlos that was similar to the RNC adjustment I see a lot of mixed martial artists use to deal with the handicap of the gloves.

I'm starting to return to old challenges when it comes to training, which is a good sign, at least in part.  I'm still getting flattened out with trying to use half guard against veteran guys with weight advantage, which means that I need to use the knee shield a lot more to maintain space.  I also need to continue to think about the "quantum" nature of the half guard that I mentioned awhile back, keeping in mind that that half guard is not a "hanging out guard" like a lot of the full guards.  It is an attacking guard and I need to have a target in mind in order to really make the guard work against better and better guys.

Some very good training late in the day, almost exclusively working on open guard passing.  While it was a nice long session - maybe more than 15 minutes - what was especially good was the flow.  I don't think I've spent that much time working on my standing pass attack, closing the distance to work the Effing Pass series, as well as some basic toreano passing.  Good, good, and very necessary work.

160.1 on the scale, post-train.  Not a bad number, all things considered.  I'd like to keep the print in the 150s.  But 160 is no crime.