Sunday, April 8, 2012

Where Art Thou, Faria Fanboys and Fangals?

From Caleb, of Fightworks Podcast fame, doing Pan 2012 coverage this April.
Here's a question for you, Shawn (Williams). A thought question.

We know that the Mendes brothers have come up with a series of techniques that have made them very successful over the past few years - or, at least, employed. I won't say "invented" but at least make use of.

Bernardo Faria has a very unique sequence that he tends to do regularly that you might expect guys to start emulating, as well. Why aren't more people, at least vocally, professing to be a follower of Faria the way we hear people jump on the Mendes brothers?
I"m sitting here watching the rebroadcast of the Pan and paying muito attention to Bernardo Faria's signature guard pass - one that Prof Rodrigo has taught us a hundred times here at GB Seattle. I think I am about to start "emulating."