Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Training Day: Wednesday

Extremely nice to be on the mat today. It's no surprise how great it's been to be able to have a place, and a people, that you can rely on every day regardless of the madness of the material world.

Just conditioning and Live Training today. Laps, long and short sprints, long and short side shuffles, seoinages, double legs, hipscape laps with alternating alt upas ... I had a pretty good sweat going before I got on the mat to Live Train with a trio of beasts: Pat, Prof Casey and Prof Shawn. 10 minutes each. Yikes.

Not a lot of risk-taking on my part, which is not good. Then again, when you're training with guys like those mentioned above, I think a little sympathy for the poor 44-year old devil in that regard is understandable. Breathe. Move. Anticipate.

158.2 on the scale, post-train. I've been rocking the Warrior Diet - Slight Return ever since I got the news that Doomsday was coming to town. In part this has been a function of tweaked-out nerves and the accompanying loss of appetite. And another part is just a matter of making the best of an unwelcome situation.