Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Training Day: Wednesday

Nice tight training session today with Prof Carlos. As per the new intensity and focus, we worked on just two moves, which work well in combination: the foot grab sweep against a standing opponent, and the conversion to the armbar when the guy defends by grabbing your lapels. I got to work with both Mark and Sensei Kyle.

Okay work in Live Training, though I'm starting to slip back into old habits and not focusing enough on getting the game where I want it. That, more than anything, is among the toughest battles: focusing in every single day on what you want to work on, and making sure that for at least a little while, you get to move through those transitions.

Had a nice, post-training conversation with Jei of Roll.Adapt.Win and author of one of a handful of great jiu-jitsu blogs you need to be reading more often than this one, Journey Jiu-Jitsu. He turned me on to an up n' coming purple belt whose got some interesting concepts on guard passing, in particular, that are in many ways similar to some of the concepts Prof Marcio Feitosa presented in his instructional with Budo Jake of Budo Videos. More than that, though, it was nice to talk major concepts AND practical applications. I'm already conspiring to add another training session this week just to get more practice in ...

160.7 on the scale, post-train. Again, I'd love to be clocking regularly sub-160. But knowing that top YOUNG guys like Rafa Mendes are probably walking around and training between 162 and 160 has me a little less fanatical about getting below 160.

Back at it Thursday night. I'm going to show up to watch the competition class at 5:30, though I've got major concerns about my being able to make it through what is guaranteed to be a brutal first 30 minutes. I think I'm doing okay in getting my training average up above 4x a week. But to the degree that there is still a tiny, competitive flame still burning ...