Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Training Day: Wednesday

Nice midweek training today.  I had planned on taking the fundamentals class, but a set of mishaps seemed determined to have me doing my regular conditioning + Live Training routine, instead.  Fortunately, Prof Carlos waved me over before I stepped onto my Own Private Training Mat, and I knew it was okay to join the rest of the gang for an hour of great fundamentals.

Toreano passing versus spider guard and the double unders pass were the highlights of today's training.  I love the way the Professors have upped the intensity and the focus.  It's too bad that I'll be out of town this weekend, because I'm curious to see how some of this renewed intensity and focus might be on display at the Inter-School event on Saturday.

A good Live Training session with the ever-tough Brian, and a very extended roll with Angela (+15 minutes!) where I got to really focus on my Double F pass (Feitosa/Faria).  It's been the greatest, potential breakthrough in my guard-passing since I began deploying the Flat Pass years ago.  Very, very happy about what's going on with that.

Also very happy with my slim and trim-ness.  156.9 on the scale, post-train in sweat-soaked gi.  This pretty much means that I'm in "takedown distance" of the pena limit of 154 in the gi without even doing any major weight-cutting, just a little gradual calorie restriction which is easier as the weather warms.  Truthfully, I really don't need to weigh-in any less than this 156-157 area.  But the temptation to see that 153.7 on the scale after one of these training sessions is a pretty powerful one.