Thursday, April 5, 2012

Training Day: Thursday

Some good, hard work tonight. I went in early, shooting for the time when the new competition classes will start, and climbed into the ring to get in my conditioning for the day (another 3 sets of 20 rep threshold training). Unfortunately, it ended up killing my ability to do Live Training after class. But with both Friday and Saturday on my training schedule this week, I'm sure I'll get plenty of sparring in this week.

I'll admit that it bugged me not to spar. I don't think I've sat out a Live Training in years. But we really drilled hard in class: takedowns (fireman's carry) and escapes (side control and mount escapes). And while I was able to keep up with the pace an always-game Jason, there was nothing left in the tank when it came time to spar.

This is likely one of those "know your limitations" moments. But while I think there's a lot of benefit in drilling through fatigued, my experience has been that dead-tired rolling and sparring only leads to despair and bad habits. So tonight I sit it out, and let the coals go from black to red and gray.

A lot of good things coming down the way at GB Seattle in terms of training. Prof Rodrigo hinted at a lot of it tonight, and I'm looking forward to seeing what develops over the next several weeks and months. A very exciting time to be with Team Red.

158.4 on the scale post-train.