Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Faria Fandom

Here's "classic" Bernardo Faria. The deep half sweep setup has the added gi control and hiding of the outside wrist to avoid the kimura. Also Faria's deep half uses control at the top of the hip, rather than dominating the leg exclusively. What I think this does for him is give him an early entry into his "go-to" guard pass, the over-under (and thanks to Professor Carlos for showing me and reminding me that detail on the "over"!).

He doesn't maintain any control over the trapped leg as he bridges over, something that was my obsession about the half guard in general a few weeks ago. I'll have to get a feel for how much control over the leg I get with that gi grip. Bernardo seems to have no problem getting the reverse; there's never a threat of the guy being able to block it with a backstep, for example. And that's got to be because of Faria's grip on the lapel.

As to the pass, I'm thinking both this pass and the Feitosa Stack pass from Rolled Up over at Budo Videos, would be among the good options to get to the side.