Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Training Day: Wednesday

Found myself running another Live Training by the end of class today. I trained with both Chaim and a good-sized white belt named Colin or Connor, I think. Pretty good movement with Chaim - maybe we'll end up helping each other to some degree - and it's always interesting to train with really big guys who are just learning a little jiu-jitsu. As is often the case, I'm training with bigger guys rather than smaller but, at this point, I'll admit that it's getting harder and harder to care.

Professor Carlos had us working on one of the classic guard breaks, the one where you trap the arm on top of the guy's stomach with a double collar control, grip the sleeve, stand up, switch the sleeve grip and then reach back and scoop through the ankles to open the guard. From here, dropping back with elbows tight into the double-unders/scoop/stack pass, sprawling on the stack and then using the shoulder shrug as you come around the side to finish the pass. Very good basics to work on. It's complicated but true: you always learn a valuable detail whenever you train technique. Sometimes the trick is to block out what isn't as critical in order to focus on and remember the one or two key details: blocking the hip, keeping the elbows in tight ... that will help you in not just this position, but in a number of other positions, as well.

No weigh-in. I got a little distracted and forgot to hop on the scale. I'm a little afraid that this means a fairly fat weigh-in come week's end, whether I train Thursday night or not.