Monday, March 12, 2012

Training Day: Monday

A good start to the training week. Today was all conditioning and training. I spent a few minutes warming up with forward and backward sprints, then some seoinage drills before doing five, one-minute cardio power workouts (spin move, four corners drill, back 2 belly 2 knees, technical lifts and another round of the spin move). Heart rates were pretty typical (39-41 beats per quarter minute immediate, 28-31 beats per quarter minute after 60 seconds rest. But it's really proving to be a good way to get energized before going directly into Live Training.

Two rolls today. I probably should have had a third. But I was so in "Control My Destiny" mode that I felt like I needed to turn down the offer for another roll. Again, I probably should have taken it - I would have gotten to train with Freddy and Freddy is on my "A list" (along with Brian and Mark, who I did get to train with) in terms of teammates I'll train with under any circumstances. For better or worse, I've started loosely characterizing potential training partners so that I can keep focus on what I'm trying to achieve when training with them.

That's not to say that I won't train with this person or that. But it is to say that I have to be as efficient as possible when it comes to training. After all, I paid for this Gracie Barra gi. And if you are someone who by habit or purpose is going to do little to help me improve my jiu-jitsu game, then our training time together will be infrequent and short.

162.4 on the scale post-train - not a big surprise given that this weekend was the first grilling weekend of 2012 and the hops did flow (we always grill on New Year's Day - rain, shine, sleet or cold - so that one doesn't really count). That said, if I can get the number below 160 by end of training tomorrow night, all will be well (or, at least, well enough).