Monday, March 19, 2012

Training Day: Monday

Training week is off to a relatively quiet start. Many of the regulars for the daylight session were not in attendance today, and I really didn't get much of a chance to work with the move of the day (headlock escape on the ground using the legs). I did get in a good roll with Nick, working on maintaining the sticky paw and fleshing out my all-new QUAD half-guard game. With no real partners to drill with after class, I did two, 5-minute rounds of HICT (hipscapes and technical lifts), which I want to bring back to my regular training, and some ghost half guard drills, focusing on the two main reguarding techniques, left and right.

You can't always get what you want, sang the Stones. You can't always get it at all, sang The Who. Here's to a little self-reliance when it comes to making the necessary gains for technical improvement. No date has been set for the July revolution. But my target for returning to the mat as a competitor, and taking this new black belt out for a spin, is summer.

163.2 on the scale, post-train. Mondays, mondays.