Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Lost Week Ends

Made it to training Monday afternoon. But from Tuesday on it was all fever and fatigue. Not as bad as some others got it this time around, including it seems Prof Rodrigo, but enough to put me well off my Daily Planet game, to say nothing of nixing plans to compete at the intraschool today on Saturday.

Not much to muse on as far as the downtime is concerned. It's interesting that it comes right after two of my most aggressive training weeks in years, having gotten my weekly training average above 4.0 for two weeks in a row. And I'd been seeing warning signs in the scattered colds and flus among some of the BJJ training brethren throughout the area. But the important thing is that the worst is pretty much behind me and, assuming I'm careful and cautious enough to avoid a relapse of some sort, I should be back to rebuilding my training pace on Monday.