Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Training Day: Wednesday

Just finishing up my work for The Daily Planet - no wonder I'm no longer training evenings regularly.

Conditioning and sparring today. Seionage warmups (60 broken reps) and then joining the class to drilling taking the back through mount (through S-mount). From there, we got in some positional sparring, King of the Hill mount/mount escape with the higher belts on the defense. I got to train with some sizable guys which is always a good thing when it comes to positional sparring and realizing what really, really works.

For Live Training I got to train with David V from GB Federal Way, an ideal training partner at purple belt and 160 or so, as well as with regulars like Glenn and Professor Casey. David definitely tested my half guard with some very good bear hug passing that reminded me that I'm not "in position" until I've gotten small in the half, rather than just achieving the leg triangle. Glen had me thinking and rethinking my approach to the closed guard and Professor Casey was Professor Casey. It's funny to think that I've probably spent more time training with Casey over the past few weeks than I have in months. In any event, I'm very much the better for it.

161.4 on the scale, post-train. Not great, at all. I'd rather have been closer to 158 and change, which is what I suspect I'll weigh after tomorrow night's training. I'm suspecting that I may not make it to featherweight (a walk-around weight under 150) without a more concerted effort than I have been making in terms of conditioning, training frequency and, to a lesser degree, diet. To be fair, a walking around weight of 150 would be my lightest in a decade. But to the extent that we're only talking about 10 pounds ...

Saturday's "Friendly" looms before me. I wish I felt in a more regular training routine, which probably has something to do with my disrupted schedule. At the end of the day, there's a good chance that I'll participate - after all, how am I supposed to pass up a submission-only in-house?