Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Training Day: Wednesday

A good midweek session. I arrived in time to do a little 360-type drilling, focusing on entryways to the mount, but spent most of today's instructional as part of the King of the Hill group for a mount specific drill. A nice opportunity to work my defenses from the mount insofar as I'm getting more and more comfortable with my current defense strategy from the back.

Live Training with Brian, Angela and a white belt I just met named Alex. Here, the goal for 2012 is movement, movement to create opportunities, movement to capitalize on opportunities. One of the things I'm happiest about my last roll with Prof Casey is that even though he continues to run an armbar clinic on me when it comes down to it, I'm increasingly able to at least press the pace with more effective offense than in days of old. And a lot of that boils down to not settling into any position that is not a dominant one, to keep working to improve with patience, deception and agility.

160.5 on the scale, post-train. In a few weeks, that will need to be the Monday number rather than the Wednesday number. But for now, midway through Week One (Pan Am schedule, midway through Week Three on the Revolution schedule), I'm not complaining.

Finished January with only 10 training sessions. That number would have been better if it hadn't been for the snow closure week, but insofar as I was shooting for a 50% better attendance rate, I can't help but feel a little disappointed. As February begins, my "nut" is only 14 sessions, so my goal is to make up for some of January's lost time with a superlative February training pace.

My best January is 16x and my best February is 14x. So in order to beat that two-month split this year, with a 10x January in 2012, I'm looking at a 20x training pace for February. I'm not sure how possible that is (let alone 'likely"), but that's the nut right now.