Thursday, February 9, 2012

Training Day: Thursday

All technique and drilling tonight. That, and focusing on a number of basic movements like the sit-out to set up guard replacement from the turtle, or the 4-square "sit-to-one knee" maneuver to execute a one-hand, outside-to-inside elbow tap to break a knee grip when in sitting guard. Just like on Saturday, when we worked on the armdrag attack from sitting guard that uses what I call the "hip split" to throw your legs to the outside and drive up into the guard passer. I'm actually thinking now of replacing the old-fashioned armdrag from my matwork solo drill with that 4-square movement (Kid Peligro also demonstrates it in The Essential Guard.

So excellent on that score - especially since I'm a big sitting guard guy these days and constantly have to defend very aggressive toreano, knee-grip type passing (Chaim in particular has been especially effective against me with this kind of passing, as has Professor Doug and Brian).

Ran the Live Training session tonight, so I didn't get any rolling of my own tonight. Fortunately, I got in an overdue conditioning workout this morning (50 pound eccentric-less rows, presses, tri ext., and bicep curls + two, 12-minute rounds of box step HICT), so the requisite daily activity was met. This was the second time in the past week that I've been tasked to do black belt-like things around the academy, and I have to admit it is nice to have a little extra responsibility matside.

161.2 on the scale post-train. Given the lack of sparring, I'm not going to complain about that mark.