Thursday, February 23, 2012

Training Day: Thursday

Brock led the Thursday night class, which focused on moving from side control to knee on belly using the guy's lapel to pin the farside, underhooking arm to the mat and a grip on the collar behind the neck, and then finishing with the baseball choke. I've been wanting to work on this choke for awhile after seeing the Mendes brothers finish with it in a number of their matches. So it was great to get the extra focus on the move.

Some good Live Training after a "king of the hill" guard specific drill to close out the instructional. Trying to work a lot more out of the X-guard from deep positions and Rap Star guard from regular range. Ideally, the X-guard will become one of my go-to moves from taking the back from deep, while Rap Star, with its choke/armbar/triangle/omoplata combination - and potential transition to the baratoplata - would be the go-to set for finishes.

160.2 on the scale post-train. Not as low as I'd like to be, which means next week could be a more traditionally "weight-cutting" oriented week than I'd hoped. But the final, one-week-out count is still two days away.