Monday, February 6, 2012

Training Day: Monday

More conditioning and sparring. Two sets of 10 ct threshold training (41/30 and 40/31), as well as the usual reverse pivot/double leg warmup was all I could fit in before joining the Monday group for Live Training.

My first time picking partners! Not always as easy as it seems, but it was nice to have the honor. I trained first with a blue belt who was around my age or maybe older, then a round with Chaim, a round with Mark and a finishing round with Angela. Overall about 24-odd minutes of training, which is about ideal.

Mostly trying to work on movement as a way of creating openings for attacks and escapes. A very diverse group of training partners today, so I got work on a lot of different things: more classic closed guard with Robert and Mark, deep half and passing open guard with Angela, guard replacement and defense for the most part with Chaim.

A good start to the week. Hopefully I'll start adding evenings back this week, starting on Thursday. I have no idea if I'm going to compete at the event this weekend. I've not felt like I've had a really good day-in, day-out training rhythm, even though individual training sessions have been good to very good. We'll see.

160.2 on the scale, post-train.