Friday, February 10, 2012

Training Day: Friday

A brief warmup and then joining the class for Live Training. I got in two sessions with Abel and one with Michelle (?), who I've only trained with once or twice before. Felt much better in the second session with Abel, who's becoming one of my more regular training partners and an inspiration to, among other things, lose about 10 pounds. Although I won't pretend to be a huge fan of the "little guy" game at the highest levels of jiu-jitsu necessarily, it is always nice to be able to train with folks who are closer to your weight.

Feeling okay heading into tomorrow's event. I'm treating it just like an opportunity to get in some Saturday training rather than a referendum on my competition game, per se. I've had a harder time than usual feeling the fire in a competitive sense (to steal from Clint's classic phrase). But I've never shied away from an opportunity to train.

160.2 on the scale, post-train.