Tuesday, February 7, 2012

"Train to Maximize your Strengths and Minimize Your Weaknesses"

If you have the genetics to be strong and powerful, but you've always had endurance problems, your training should focus around improving your endurance to the point that it gives you the opportunity to use your strength and power. Likewise, if your endurance is endless but you're weak and get pushed around, you will need to improve your strength while staying conditioned."

The bottom line is that you need to learn to work with what your genetics have given you and use them to your advantage. Don't think you can go from being stronger and more powerful than everyone else to also being a conditioning machine that can outlast every one, because chances are you can't. What you can do, however, is develop the conditioning necessary to use your strength and power to your advantage to get the win.
--Joel Jamieson, Ultimate MMA Conditioning