Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Rei Kimura?

BH: One of my last questions before I send this to Ben was that one of the things that struck me about the book was the variations on the kimura grip. You could just tell reading the book that this grip was special to you and the possible adjustments were extensive. I felt that this grip was important to the system; am I correct in saying that?

DC: The kimura grip is my #1 grip. I believe the kimura grip is the best offensive/control grip possible in jiu jitsu and if it's not your grip, pick up the book and I'll make it your grip.
--An Hour with Dave Camarillo

I remember one of the Mendes brothers saying much the same thing. Definitely worth thinking more about. The book is Submit Everyone. Here's a review of the book from the ever-resourceful Aesopian.