Friday, February 3, 2012

Breen on Getting Better at What You're Good At

Nick Diaz did something that I think you see as a trend in top level mixed martial arts athletes. And that is, they find a style that works, and with each successive bout, they tighten it, rachet it up a bit. They get better at doing what they are good at.

Georges St. Pierre isn't out there doing new stuff every time he goes out. He's not throwing capoiera kicks and that sort of thing. He finds more effective ways to set up that knee tap, to set up that power double. He finds more ways to confused guys with the switch-step superman punch, when to jab and when to like it.

Anderson Silva doesn't go out there and try and re-invent the wheel. He finds ways to use the familiar postures he has and then BOOM! Steven Seagal front kick to the face. Lights out.

Jon Jones isn't showing us new looks every time he goes out. What's great about Jon Jones is the way he is able to combine all those weapons in an overwhelming fashion.

So I think Nick Diaz has a bit of that.
--Jordan Breen, Roundtable: UFC 143