Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Training Days: Saturday, Monday

Some very good training over the past couple of days following the Seattle Snowpocalypse. On Saturday, we had a packed class with some visiting high school wrestlers joining in the Fundamentals session and Prof. Rodrigo leading us through some sitting guard drills and following up with a more precise version of my new favorite transition: the spin move. Specifically, Rodrigo's technique takes care of one of the more problematic parts of the spin move, namely, getting around the head.

This version also included arm control that made getting to the back a little more difficult. But the trade off was more control, including having the arm.

On Monday, Prof. Carlos had us working on headlock escapes on the ground, the bump and roll, specifically. He added an a spinning armbar finish, and focused on controlling the near-side leg almost as much as the arm - either with a pants grip or an underhook grip of the whole leg. One detail here was the way that Carlos balanced with the knee on belly, almost lying on his side on top of the guy. This made it easier to both pass the leg over the head and to secure control of the near-leg as you slipped into position.

A nice moderate day/heavy day sequence in terms of Live Training. I worked with the smallest group on Saturday and on Monday sparred with Brock, Hakim and Prof. Carlos. Not a bad way to train, alternating more moderate and more intense training (albeit with a day off in between). My weight hasn't been fantastic: 161 on Saturday and 165+ on Monday in the gi. But hopefully I can get that back under control as I get my training regimen back on track.

Put in some HICT work earlier today, two ten-minute sets. My heart rate is starting to average lower, which means that it's time to kick those sets up to 12 or 15 minutes next time out.