Sunday, January 8, 2012

PreWeek 1: Conditioning/Threshold Training/Matwork

3 of 10s

alt upas
hip splits
arm drags
hook sweeps
tech lifts

three sets/ten reps = duration

(4 min duration) 36/26
3 min rest
(3 1/2 min) 40/31
2 min rest
(3 1/4 min) 39/31

I'm going to mix in some of the more explosive cardio conditioning work as part of the PreWeek conditioning insofar as I think explosiveness is a lagging area neurologically, especially since I'm not doing any max strength, alactic work. So the next three weeks will include a mix of early stage aerobic conditioning (cardiac output and tempo method) as well as late stage aerobic conditioning like matwork.

I'd also like to work my way up to 20 rep matwork by mid-February, and doing some of this work early in the training camp should hopefully make that more likely. (BTW, best Nick Diaz line ever, "I don't know why they call it a training camp. I don't see any tents.")