Thursday, December 1, 2011

Training Day: Thursday

A nice working session for training tonight. Prof Rodrigo had us working on specifics right after the warmup: 2 minute guard/pass guard (sweeps only) for a few rounds each, then a few rounds of mount/mount escape, side control/side control escape, and back mount/back mount escape. A break for a few minutes, then another circuit.

I'd love to be able to train this way once a week. As I always say, sometimes you feel as if your brain can't take any more data at the end of the day. And being able to come to the academy at least once a week and just move for an hour or so is really nice. Good working with Joe for the first round and Frank in the second.

Got in some good work in Live Training, also. Ran into an interesting video on YouTube that I'll post tomorrow. It was a guy talking about the three things that most impressed him about the Mendes brothers jiu-jitsu. Any way, a lot of what he had to say stuck with me as parallel to my current aspirations, controlling spacetime and taking the back.

I'm starting my 2012 jiu-jitsu resolutions early, and on a rolling basis. One of them is to do a HICT workout after every class. I'm going to start slow and work my way up to a good level (something similar to what I was able to do with box steps, for example). But most importantly I want to do (a) jiu-jitsu specific conditioning as much as possible, and (b) be consistent in both performance and gradually increasing the intensity over time.

Tonight I did two rounds of 5 minutes of hipscape laps with about a three minute break in-between (HR 34/25, 35/25). The goal will be to work up to two rounds of 10 minutes, with a five minute break. For now, the only exercises that make sense are hipscapes and maybe technical lifts. I'll alternate between those two after each training, get them up to 10 minutes each for a little while, and see how it goes from there.

159.7 post-train (and post-HICT).