Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Training Day: Tuesday

A good start to the training week tonight. I spent a good amount of time working on techniques with Chaim in the 45-odd minutes before class. Very good work, and something I'm going to start looking out for whenever he's training.

Prof Rodrigo had us working on the standing guillotine to start off with. Then we focused on a guard pass that was similar to the one we worked on last week, where you wedge the closed guard open and then post the guard open with your legs. Tonight we worked on some variations, particularly with the one-hand-under scoop and stack pass.

Some good Live Training tonight, though it felt a lot like a recovery session, as if I'd been off the mat for days. I'll be picking up the pace in the second half of the week, with Friday night's seminar and the Annual Meeting on Saturday morning.

162.3 on the scale post-train. Pretty hefty. Hopefully, I'll be able to shave five pound off that number by week's end.