Thursday, November 24, 2011

Training Day: Thursday

Open mat today on Thursday for the Thanksgiving Day holiday. I trained with Prof Carlos, Prof Casey, a new guy Tony and Mike from the olde days. Not a lightweight in the bunch.

With Prof Carlos, I continued to make the mistake in my choke defense that I've been making for the past few weeks. It's actually making the chokes easier for my opponents to finish. With Prof. Casey, the main lesson had to do with not allowing him to control my far elbow because of the way it really inhibits the ability to turn.

Tony was a big turning pass guy. I'll need to spend some more time focusing on countering that attack against the half guard, though my training with Mike afterwards went a long way toward helping me remember exactly how I want to deal with this pass. I'll need to do more to drill the counter; I don't see the pass everyday. But it was a reminder of a hole in my half guard game that is well in need of repair.

And good training with Mike to finish things up. Like I said, a part of it was spent going over turning pass counters. But we also talked a little bit about spider guard (he's got very good length and it's a good guard for him), as well as me not being able to resist showing him my Spin Move (TM).

A good day of training, especially for an open mat, where things can get a little spotty depending on who shows up. And, importantly, I've worked up the appetite for a feast!

159.3 on the scale post-train.