Saturday, November 5, 2011

Training Day: Saturday

Today was the first day of Gracie Barra instructor certification, nine more days of which will put anyone of us on the path toward being able to teach at a Gracie Barra school. It's a heady thought, in more ways than one, but listening to Prof. Rodrigo talk about the transitions GB was looking to make overall, it was easy to see the sense in things. Fortunately, the session for next Saturday was cancelled due to the Revolution. I'm pretty sure I'll be attending the next nine.

The instructor certification class ran a little long, so we whipped through the Fundamentals pass drilling a standing guard pass (the one where you trap the arm on the guy's abdomen, collect the collars and press down to pin ...) Before moving on to the specific training of the competition team session. Good working with Angela during the drills, mostly guard/pass guard and mount/mount escape.

Saturday was my third training day in a row and I was really starting to feel it in my quads. My cardio was pretty good all things considered, though I'm still fighting off the last vestiges (I hope) of the cold. I was only able to go two rounds of Live Training and had to beg off a third. But I'm trying to do better about knowing when to say when on that score. While a little fatigue goes a long way in opening up my game and my mind, too much sends me hurtling into a garden of bad habits and overused tendencies. Knowing when to shut it down and bring it back the next day is what I'm working on.

153.1 on the scale post-train. Not surprising given the training pace, but this is probably as low as I need to be. My game has been more and more predicated on speed and movement than usual, and that may be part of what will help make my performance a week from today atypical in a positive sense. But anything at or around 155 will probably do it.