Saturday, November 26, 2011

Training Day: Saturday

If Thursday's training was good, then Saturday's training was even better. I managed to start off with some drilling with Enrico - two sets of 10 armbars from the guard, hip heist/crossover sweeps, and armbars from the mount. I've been threatening to begin every open mat session I attend with a set of drills like this and am starting to decide that there's no point in waiting around for an official resolution in 2012.

From there we worked some half-flow/half guard specific, which was also excellent work. The idea again was just to get accustomed to feeling the resistance, focusing on passing and applying pressure with the legs rather than the hands. Again, a nice way to work up to training.

Training only got better from there. After a long rest (longer than I would have liked), I worked into a trio of guard specific with Pat and Casey from California who is going to be managing GB Bellevue. A few other guys joined us, and it was a really good time of training for quite a while. Then, after we'd done several rounds of that, Prof Rodrigo came over with John and Gina and the four of us worked a guard specific drill for several rounds, as well.

Honestly, between the more aggressive training on Thursday and the more focused work on Saturday I feel like I've gotten in some really good work over the past week. It was a reminder of how you don't want to miss more than a day of training if you can, just enough to heal up and rest up. The ways I find my body moving when I am in a good training flow is markedly different from when my training schedule is erratic.

160.2 on the scale, post-train, which is a little heavy for me. But given that it is Thanksgiving weekend, I'll cut myself some slack. With Saturday's training, I will have gotten in 14 sessions for the month, training Monday and Tuesday will make this month my best November in years.