Friday, November 4, 2011

Training Day: Friday

The gem of today's trading was Prof Carlos' spinning clock choke. To be honest, there's a pretty good chance that if I'm lucky enough to have someone turtle on me next Saturday, the spinning clock choke will be my first option.

Also worked on a Mount Escape King of the Hill where we were only allowed the upa-based escapes. As a half-guard guy, this was more than a little challenge. But it was great to work on weaker areas and focus not just on technique, but on ways to set-up the technique since my training/drilling partners knew that I would be limited to one type of escape.

Some good work in Live Training. Continuing to look for the spin move off side control and having good success. That's another money technique I'm hoping to bring to Bonney Lake with me in a week's time. It's pretty much become my go-to move out of side control and my favorite (read: only) way of consistently getting to the back.

155.6 on the scale post-train. Dragging a little bit as I fight off this seasonal rhinovirus, but so far so good.