Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Training Day: Tuesday

More of the same from Monday night training - and grateful for it. Bridging escape from rear mount. Two collars choke and choke with hand behind the neck.

I'm beginning to think that the most advanced fundamental movement in jiu-jitsu is the one that helps you escape rear mount. Bridge, hipscape, flatscape. Some of the elementary moves, all from the back, and all critical to getting from defending to attacking. It's hard to do flatscapes on my home mat; I'll have to start doing a few sets of them at the Academy. Flatscapes are as important to having really clean jiu-jitsu as hipscapes or technical lifts. I remember doing round after round of these as a white belt back in the day. I'm thinking that putting them back into the mix (as Dana White might say), would help solve a whole host of problems.

I could do the same lesson every day for a week or two. I get why this would be impractical. But from the point of view of really improving, of burning not just techniques but movements into your body, call it muscle memory or circuit building and deep practice or whatever. But that's what really turns the ordinary into the extraordinary, and it's been nice to get a tiny taste of that praxis having trained the same lesson twice in the first two days of the week.

156.1 on the scale post-train. Nothing extraordinary in Live Training. Spin move from side control continues to be the ever-improving flavor of the month. Guard passing continues to be pretty dreadful. Too much defending and flailing around. I also need to leave the Flat Pass alone for the most part. If I end up pulling that out in November, I'm willing to bet that I've trained to attack with it far more than anyone there will have trained to defend against it. With two and a half weeks to go, I want to see if there is something else on the A-list that is only 4-5 sessions away from being worth taking in to battle.