Thursday, October 27, 2011

Training Day: Thursday

Drill baby drill was the theme of Thursday night's training. Working in trios, Professor Carlos had us working double leg takedowns and sprawl defense (with a pair of pushups in between) for three minute rounds. Later we worked, guard passes (the Slap Pass) to knee on belly to mount to armbar and Slap Pass to knee on belly to side control to watchdog and a very nifty collar choke set-up as you transition from watchdog to mount and collar choke.

Good stuff. And good working with Angela and a white belt I didn't recognize. Our pace and teamwork was excellent throughout - the kind of "cadre spirit" that I think I've been longing as we work through the end of competition season for 2011.

Live training was mostly about detail and flow, trying to be extremely aware of where the balance was. It's not the kind of training you get to do every day, so it's good to really take advantage of it when the opportunity comes. I do like how focusing on taking the back has started to shape the way I look at certain positions. But there's plenty more to do on this score.

157.4 on the scale, post-train.