Monday, October 10, 2011

Training Day: Monday

A very good day for details. Sensei Kyle had us working more on the ouchi gari, both in terms of drilling entries to get the technique down correctly as well as providing a follow-up attack by way of the ankle pick. Making sure to do the hop step to get the correct deep penetration on the ouchi gari and making sure to bring the leg up on the outside as you come up with the ankle pick were some of the key details from the judo section of the class.

For the BJJ section, Prof Carlos had us working on recovering full guard from the turtle position, and a move inspired by Eduardo Telles (famously of the Turtle Guard and the most epic tattoo in all of jiu-jitsu) that allows you to get a sweep to side control from the same turtle type of position.

Good stuff. And good working with Chris, who I haven't gotten the chance to work with in awhile.

Live training with Profs. Abel and Lindsey, then finished up with Ben. I'm doing a better job of defending with my Marcelo guard (yes, the same one I swore I'd never use just a few days ago ...), though I keep forgetting to really take control of the arm in the 2 on 1. That mistake alone is leading to my inability to effectively counter the running around passes that have been the most effective against the guard.

That said, I am moving my legs better, putting a foot on the hip, shoulder or bicep to slow things down and get a hook in. So we'll see.

160.4 on the scale post-train. A perfectly fine Monday night weight.

Before leaving I managed to get a few nice details on guard passes from Prof Carlos: looking at how Rafa Mendes likes to pass guard from his "squat" position, the guard pass Prof showed us last week that I'm calling "the Sievert", and a good tip about how not to go too wide when doing the kneetap toreano (stepping around the legs to go to knee on belly) and that you essentially just want to push the knees out of the way and put your foot right at the hip without wasting time by making a big circle out of the whole thing.

A good night of training. A few Rorschach moments toward the end, but only a test.