Friday, October 14, 2011

Training Day: Friday

Brock and Professor Shawn were leading the class, with Prof Carlos at the U.S. Open for the weekend. I'm doing the Live Training session on Fridays now that I've started training Thursday nights.

I still made it to class in time to see them working on a nice choke/armlock combination from the mount. The idea is to set up the move from the cross choke attack and then drag the arm across when the guy tries to defend.

From here you have two options. You can either curl around the top for the armbar, or reach over with the other hand and secure an arm-in choke from the top. Here I appreciated the detail with the far side leg, the idea of curling it under the shoulder (your foot under the shoulder) in an S in order to keep everything tight up top. On the choke, the detail was to keep the one foot further back as you apply the pressure, rather than coming all the way up high as you do with the armlock.

Got in some good training, but what was really helpful was working on that one Ryan Hall take-the-back move from top half with Brian. I don't do that nearly enough and it was a great opportunity to really focus on one move and try and burn it into muscle memory.

157.4 on the scale post-train.