Friday, October 28, 2011

Training Day: Friday

Some very hard training today. On weeks when I don't train on Saturday, Friday has to bear the load and between Prof Carlos and teammate Jei, a middleweight-ish blue belt, that's pretty much what I did.

Live Training only on Friday, but it was nice to get things started with Steve, another blue belt who I get to train with from time to time. And it was good preparation for the two tough rolls that followed.

Although there is always an intimidation factor, there is always something that especially rewarding about training with folks that are two or three divisions above where you are in size. Not exclusively, of course. But my conception of jiu-jitsu is very Master Helio-esque, in some ways, very survivalist, no-time-limit. And when I'm able to embrace that, the outcomes are often excellent. Increasingly, I find that's the case with some of the larger, lower belts I roll with, guys with enough technique and athleticism to put me on the defensive early. The trick is to do a better job of taking the initiative, setting the agenda and controlling the pace.

156.2 on the scale post-train. Not a bad way to end the week.