Monday, October 31, 2011

Best Quarter in a Year

One of my big goals for training year 7 (Aug 2011-July 2012) was to train more regularly and frequently. So far, with the first quarter of TY7 in the books, so good.

I've managed to train 42 times over the past three months, averaging 3.50 times a week. The last time I was training at this clip was in the final quarter of my fifth training year (May, June and July of 2010) when I made it to the academy 49 times in three months for a 4.08x per week training average. That, by the way, is my highwater mark in terms of training frequency. And it's hard not to think that burst of activity over a three-month period helped me earn my brown belt the following August.

This also marks my best October training month - though the average October is really dragged down by a 5x month back in 2008 (!).

My best November is a 15. So I'll need to train at a 4x clip in order to top that. But it's nice to see that I'm back in a good training groove. I'll need the training momentum as the weather starts to get back and some historically weak training months (I'm talking about you, December) start to really put my discipline to set a new training year personal record to the test.