Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Training Day: Tuesday

As I tweeted earlier (@burientopteam, BTW), tonight's training was a great reminder of why it so often pays off big-time to show up at the academy early and to stay late.

Tonight Prof Rodrigo had about six of us who arrived early working on some flow drills (i.e., free sweeps from the guard, free guard passes, free submissions from the back, etc.) It was really nice to be able to get right into some training first, then slowing down for the actual class and instruction, and then warming things back up with Live Training toward the end.

As for the class, we focused on escapes from north-south and the "rollout" escape from side control. Very good work, training with Brock and Greg, and keeping the pace up - and the details. One of the nice things about working in a threesome instead of just a pair is that there is always someone standing right there to watch and catch if any mistake or detail is off. Or sometimes, just to keep track of reps and shout the occasional encouragement.

Prof. Rodrigo also took some time to talk about the importance of drilling and anticipation in jiu-jitsu, which he said was 95% of the art. He pointed out that the difference, when all else was equal, was in the ability to anticipate the other person's next move. It reminded me of something I heard Rickson Gracie say at a Pedro Sauer seminar, that he was able to do what he did with someone as talented as Pedro sauer because he was able to anticipate Pedro's next moves.

It is also a reminder of that great line from "Choke" - also from Rickson Gracie - that "this is the point beyond knowledge." You can see a lot of jiu-jitsu. You can know a lot of jiu-jitsu. But being able to execute what is to be done at precisely the right moment that the opportunity presents itself, that ability to anticipate the opportunity, comes only from time on the mat.

No Lessons from Live Training save to say that things are working along pretty well. No armdrags (again) tonight, but an armbar, which was my first all year (and maybe only the fourth or fifth armbar from the guard I think I've ever successfully done). Trying to keep moving. All hooks & ladders from the guard. A lot of Marcelo passing from the top (especially the #1) and probably too much good side Flat Pass. Back at it tomorrow, most likly for the early show.

158.8 on the scale post-train.