Monday, September 12, 2011

Training Day: Monday

Some days it is really hard to get out there on the mat and train. This is why the best thing is to always have your jiu-jitsu gear packed so that by the time you have the bag over your shoulder and are en route to your vehicle, the hardest part is already over.

As such, I decided to try and get myself straight with a threshold training workout at the Academy rather than the full Fundamentals class. I'm generally having a hard time retaining a lot of new technique on a good day; on a day like today, I just need some time to sweat, get warm and stay in my cage for as long as possible.

Upon emerging, I got in some good drilling with Brian, focusing on taking the mount from side control with a step technique rather than just trying to swing your leg over the top from the watchdog position.

Live training was a pair of sessions with Angus and Prof Carlos. Very tough rolls and the emphasis continues to be on keeping moving and attacking with technique after technique - even when just trying to survive and escape.

157.6 on the scale post-train. My neck is killing me after some fairly aggressive choke attacks. I remember hearing a series of big cracks at one point that sounded like someone shuffling a deck of thick playing cards. But so far so good.

Will be difficult to get in training before leaving for Portland for some desperately-needed vacation time. It will be largely a function of what happens at The Daily Planet tomorrow.