Friday, September 2, 2011

Training Day: Friday

At first, it looked as if only me and Brian were going to be the only ones training on the Friday heading into Labor Day Weekend. But by the time Prof Carlos and I had finished our "blind" rolling session, there were plenty of folks on the mat ready to train.

We worked a lot of judo and takedowns to start things off. Drilling double legs, single legs and a type of shoulder throw where you keep control of the sleeve and come up under the other arm with the seio nage. At first it was a little tricky to coordinate, but after awhile it seemed to get a bit easier.

Very cardio-intensive, as fits a Friday training session. Live training came a little early, but featured three pretty good rolls, again trying to maximize movement. Not enough for a Lessons from Live Training episode, but some nice things late out of the half guard switch reversal - thanks to Mark for helping me drill that reverse earlier in the week!

157.5 on the scale post-train, which is a good place to be on a Friday several weeks away from the next competition opportunity. My four-week training average is at 3.25, which is also a solid number at this point. Ideally, I'll make it to training at least four times next week (including the Saturday seminar), which will keep the average above 3.00.

Taking some time off for vacation the week after that will make it tricky to keep that average up without bracking the week off with some 4x training weeks, as is the plan. But again, the most important thing is to make my monthly goal of 15x. That will either mean some Tuesday/Thursday training or even a Sunday down in Federal Way. But 15 is the minimum monthly nut for the 2011-2012 training year.