Sunday, September 25, 2011

Rei Braulio 2.0

Braulio says he "proved talk doesn't win competitions with win over Jacare at ADCC 2011
How was it like for you?

It was wonderful. It was a battle, it was what I hoped for. I trained for it. He trained hard too, but I could tell he tired up, so I tried to move forwards since the beginning, and even before scoring a point I tried to take him down twice. He defended himself at all times, respected me a lot, which was something I hoped he would do, that he wouldn’t attack me so he wouldn’t get much tired, he wouldn’t try to go for it, because when I got the chance to fight him out, I felt on top of him, on his back, every time. I attacked him with sweeps and he did a good job defending himself. If you watch the fight, you’ll see I swept him many times and he didn’t bring me any danger of sweeps and breaking into my guard. The only time he tried to do so, I felt on top of him.