Monday, August 22, 2011

Training Day: Monday

Someone, maybe it was Saulo, made a point of saying how Rickson Gracie likes to run "diagnostic" seminars. Rather than present new moves, Rickson prefers to take a basic concept - maybe not even a "position" or a "move" - and talk about typical problems within that concept, and possible solutions to those problems.

Just one example of this might be the revolution in armbars from the guard, as jiu jitsu artists figure out every more inventive ways to avoid detection when attacking the arm. The Rodrigo choke/armlock series from S-mount is one example recently of "hiding" the attack on the arm. Tonight's armlock from the guard drill with Prof Carlos was another example, using a same side collar grip and a sleeve grip, launching the collar side leg straight up and turning the hips in as the sleeve side leg comes over and down.

We also worked a crawling armlock, a 1-on-1 cross grip at the elbow, step on the hip, drag the head ... I almost never to armlocks from the guard. Now is probably as good a time as any to start.

Judo first had us working on more foot sweeps, this time moving forward instead of the retreat. Getting to work on this a little bit before training with Sensei Kyle was a big help, there is some counter-intuitive movement in a sense that merited extra focus. I'll have to run through the footwork some before bed to make sure I've more or less got it.

Lessons from Live Training: Make sure you hide elbow, not just your hand, when attacking with the deep half. It's access to the elbow that creates the vulnerability to the kimura ... Work on details for Rickson Beatdown and freeing trapped leg when attacking with bow and arrow choke ... Need to finish #1 of the Marcelo pass series as assertively as I start it and remember to establish #1 of the Feitosa pass series before moving on to stage #2.

159.6 on the scale post-train. That's actually the second highest Monday night weigh-in this month. I did the fourth set of the tempo training workout for today on the lat pulldown machine, and tried those Mendes heavybag armbars, but I think the black heavy bag is a little too big. I'll have to try the red one on Wednesday (I think it's a little smaller).

I was pretty fatigued at the end of the evening. But the fact that I was able to get in that fourth set of tempo method lat pulldowns and some work on the heavy bag with the armbars tells me that there was still something in the tank. If this is a baseline to work from, then everything should be just fine come November.